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Now, with more GitHub

When I setup this blog, I set it up as a GitHub repository so that I could write my posts in vim, track them in git, and publish my changes in a way that’s extremely similar to how I deploy all of my other apps. This was, and still is, an extremely appealing process. But sometime in the last couple of months post-receive hook script has busted. It doesn’t error, it runs fine when I trigger it manually, but doesn’t seem to work when called via git. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out what was going on without much luck. So I decided to just take things a step farther.

This blog now lives, and is hosted, directly from GitHub. Thanks to their excellent Pages, I don’t have to manage a deploy process at all. I just push into my blog repository and a few minutes later everything is updated. This was an easy process to move to, given that I was already using Jekyll, it was just a matter of renaming my repository, a couple of quick DNS changes and I’m all set.